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Restaurant app

Restaurant app

Build your restaurant app – no coding required

Building an app for your restaurant is not optional anymore. If you want your restaurant to stay ahead of the competition, mobile applications are the only way to go. A restaurant app ensures that you, as a restaurant owner can reach out to a larger audience and serve more people without spending all the time on phone, taking orders and reservations.

Fotos af Ketut Subiyanto fra Pexels
Fotos af Ketut Subiyanto fra Pexels

Online food ordering apps help restaurants make their processes faster and more efficient with as little scope of error as possible. Apps can help restaurants in different ways that eventually improve their bottom line, increase brand recognition, improve customer loyalty, and encourage repeat orders from your customers.

Build My Own App’s restaurant app builder is the best no code app builder that lets anyone create a restaurant app without coding and at a fraction of the cost. This is why even smaller restaurants with limited resources can create their own restaurant app in just a few minutes.

Why do you need a Restaurant App?

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

5 billion people in this world use a smartphone. That is nearly 65% of all people on the planet. For a restaurant business looking to go mobile, a large portion of smartphone users is their customer base. A restaurant app markets your restaurant to these potential customers. A restaurant app also helps retain customers. Existing customers can use your apps for various services.

The food industry is worth nearly a trillion USD. It is also extremely competitive and a food-related business not focusing on marketing itself, is likely to fail in the long run. A business that does not interact with its customers faces a similar fate. A restaurant app helps making both marketing and interaction easy for you.

  1. Boost your brand
    Creating an app for your restaurant gives you an opportunity to boost your brand. By incorporating your brand values, aesthetics, and theme that represents your brand you increase brand recognition and memorability. It could be in the form of content, logo, brand colors, and more.
  2. Offer personalized customer experience
    By making registration compulsory for your app, you can get certain basic information from the customers. This not only allows you to reach out to them later with promotional offers, but also gives the customers a highly personalized experience.
  3. Improve your service standards
    Using a mobile app, you can attend to the needs and orders of a greater number of customers in a more efficient and organized manner. This automatically improves the overall service standards of your restaurant earning you good reviews.
  4. Increase returning visitors
    Photo: cottonbro from Pexels

    As you start offering a great user experience, it is only natural that you would have a highly engaged audience. In fact, with features like push notifications, you can reach your app users in real-time and give them a reason to come back to your restaurant.

  5. Increase sales
    Your restaurant app gives you an additional avenue for earning. By adding food delivery option, you can make sure that you can serve even those customers who prefer eating at home. This means you get to serve more customers than you can seat in your restaurant.
  6. Enhance brand loyalty
    Once your customers install your restaurant app on their phones, the chances of them ordering from your restaurant or booking a table with you are considerably higher. This increases the overall brand loyalty of the customers encouraging them to come back to your restaurant more often.