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Build your restaurant app - no coding required Building an app for your restaurant is not optional anymore. If

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Convert shop to your own app

Convert your store to an app that features your needs - no coding Store The store feature lets you

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Create a Business App

Why You Must Create a Business App with Build My Own App? Build My Own App business app builder

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  • Date 20 Feb, 2021

How to compile manually iOS apps?

In this article we are going to see how to publish an app on the App Store. We will give...

  • Date 20 Feb, 2021

How to find Apple team id, name & provider

Membership First login to Then go to Membership, below you’ll find your Team Name “Dummy Corp.” and Team ID “CD56GBUJHY” Since Apple are merging Developer &...

  • Date 20 Feb, 2021

Publication on the App Store (iPhone)

First you need to create an app build (see how to compile your iOS app first) NOTE: BECAUSE OF APPLE GUIDELINE...