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Convert your store to an app that features your needs – no coding

The store feature lets you put merchandise up for display so that your customers can browse through all the products or services you have on offer. Through the store, your customers can view, browse, and buy what they like.

Push notification
Communication is the most important aspect of any customer relationship. You can get in touch with all your customers or a certain section of the customers based on their preferences or location and send out relevant communication including discounts and special offers.

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Coupons are a great way to offer discounts to your customers. They help you market your brand or a promotion that you are running through your app users. You can encourage customers to share the coupons on social media to increase traffic and visibility.

Shopping Cart
Shopping cart feature lets your customers buy multiple products at the same time by adding them to the cart and buy directly through the app.

Multiple Payment Options
Adding multiple payment options in your shopping app would let users pay through their preferred payment mode. This not only puts them at ease, but also increases the chances of the app users converting without any friction.

Social Integration
Social media is the lifeblood of modern marketing. By letting users share the content of your shopping app on their favorite social media, you get a highly efficient, free marketing channel. Additionally, you can also enable social media logins to improve conversions and login rates.